What a Difference In Business Between Here and There

Americans have free speech and they have the right to complain, but that doesn’t mean they should. Often enough they forget how good they have it. Many complain about their jobs and even go on strike, remember the Hostess incident in November of 2012, the union refused to negotiate and the company liquidated. The grocery worker union in CA went on strike over $35 co-pays for medical visits, which was amazing. Then there were non-union workers at Walmart complaining, but if they don’t like it, they can just quit and get a job somewhere else.Now then, in contrast let’s look at another part of the world for a moment and working conditions there, shall we? You see, The New York Times had an interesting piece (replayed from the Associated Press) titled; “At Least 112 Dead in Bangladesh Fire, Official Says,” which stated; “At least 112 people were killed in a fire that raced through a multi-story garment factory just outside of Bangladesh’s capital, an official said Sunday.”This not more than a few days after non-union Walmart Workers made a stink about their “working conditions” and the fact that Walmart started their holiday sales event at 8PM Thanksgiving Day to get a jump on the competition prior to the Black Friday consumer shopping extravaganza. I talked to one individual outside of Walmart who was supposedly “striking” and realize that they too showed up on Thanksgiving Day to hold a sign rather than work, I asked them why.They told me to create awareness, “they are making us work on Thanksgiving,” but then I learned that employees had a choice to sign up to work that day, and many of them did. This lady I personally talked to had decided to picket instead, she even told me she didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving because it’s a “white person’s holiday and my family came from Mexico,” and she was an American Citizen, second generation, so in actuality perhaps she should have been working instead giving an Anglo the day off for their holiday.It turns out that on Cinco de Mayo many Hispanic workers are given the option of rescheduling to have the day off to spend with family. Indeed, I guess what I am saying is this whole issue seems problematic to me. It’s as if our society has turned into one gigantic “community organized” protest – about anything that can make the news media headlines. In this case of Thanksgiving work schedules at Walmart it was a PR play that the unions incited with non-unionized workers at a non-unionized company. Still, in the end Walmart won because “all news is good news” and it made Walmart the place to be because it was where all the action was – the parking lots were full, gigantic parking lots in fact with no spaces left – so Walmart whooped the competition.Nevertheless, what bothers me is how good American Workers have it in the US and how much they complain. They are lucky to have a job, one that won’t kill them. Try working in the garment district in Bangladesh some time is what I’m saying here. Please consider all this and think on it.

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